Sponsor a 2017 Festival

Dear Parent -

Whether your child is an alumni or will be participating in a Pueri Cantores Choral Festival for the first time, you as a parent are well aware of the unique experience that our program provides to young singers. Singing the sacred Catholic Liturgy in the optimized setting provided by our festivals is empowering. The beauty of your child's singing - and the smile on his/her face - bear witness to the gift they share among themselves, with a festival congregation, and with you, their parents.

Our student choral festivals are presented at a very high level, with very low participant fees. These priorities help us include diverse student populations, offering the opportunity to have a positive experience that would otherwise lie outside their reach. With an expanding schedule and greater numbers of student singers, we now face additional costs in church rentals, recruitment, musician fees and other expenses that are part and parcel of presenting these events.

That's why I'm reaching out to you today to present this opportunity to support our Festival Season with a financial gift to AFPC. We are asking parents with the capacity to give to consider a gift that will sustain our outreach. Unlike participation fees, a gift to the organization is tax deductible, and will enable us to continue this music ministry to Catholic students, both locally and nationally. Please look over the chart below, which outlines specific expenses and locations we are looking to fund, as well as a wide palette of giving level options. Every donation helps! YOUR help is needed!

Won't you make a financial gift today to match the gift of song your child will share with the world?

Lee Gwozdz, AFPC President